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H2O - Virginia Bergin

Imagine a world where water isn't accessible. Imagine a world where a few drops of it will kill you. You can't use tap water. You can't drink any outside water.

Horrible sounding, isn't it?

That is the premise of H20 by Virginia Bergin. Side Note : This book is also known as The Rain in other parts of the world. H20 is the United States title.

One day, in a small town in England, young Ruby Morris was out with her friends (and crush and possible boyfriend) in a hot tub. A few drops fell from the sky and she and her friends ran inside to escape the downpour. A few seconds later, Ruby's crush Caspar realizes that he left a few processions outside. Worried about them, he sprints back outside (against his parent's wishes) to grab them and thus begins the horrible life that Ruby proceeds to write.

At first, when I was reading this novel, I will admit I was a bit put off at Ruby's whining and her obsession with her damn cell phone. I kept thinking "People around you are dying and you're worried about your stupid cell phone?!?".

But one night (while I was on my own cell phone) I had a realization as why Ruby was written like she was. She's frazzled. She's a young 15 year old girl whose world is literally falling apart around her. Her cell phone, while at first seems like an idiotic thing to be obsessed over and risk your life for, is obviously more than just a electronic device. In this day and age a cell phone is more than just a cell phone. Who doesn't have countless precious photos on their SIMs cards? Who doesn't have a single phone number memorized because everything is kept inside their contact lists? Our cell phones have become our tether to the outside world and that's what Ruby's cell phone was to her and it was also a link to her perfect, normal past.

Ruby focused on things that seem mundane to us and stupid to think about in a world that's ending : makeup, her looks, her reputation. But how does a person erase 15 years of thoughts just like that? If you go through 15 years of worrying about your looks, it doesn't' matter that the rain is killing off the world, you are still going to have random thoughts of it. But I also felt as she anchored to these things to keep sane. She needed to focus on things that were familiar to her to comfort herself, to give her small moments of content or even happiness to get through this new foreign world.

I give this book an 8 out of 10. Can't wait for the sequel to come out in America!

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